Motion Graphic Library Template Demos

As sales managers sometimes made their own videos in Camtasia, I created two sets of user-friendly graphic templates for them from company style and motion guides. The first demo video's graphics are for live action videos while the second, for screencast graphics with instructions. The circle and bar graphics represent the "i" from "in" in Linkedin.

Tutorial instructions excerpt for the graphic libraries in the videos above.

An infographic emailed to sales representatives and managers globally,

giving the statistics of a training event.

Manager Development Academy logo design and guidelines.

Various icons used as subcategories for larger sales categories divided by color.

Same icons as first set turned full color for general use.

LinkedIn Multimedia Design Work


As a multimedia designer at LinkedIn, my main focus was motion graphic and live action video editing for company sales events, eLearning, screencasts, and explainer videos, from concept to completion. Projects also included designing infographics, layouts, and icons, while establishing processes and templates in line with company style and motion guides.