Falling Out, Muni Diaries, Cult Vault

2021 | More podcast interviews about my "Moonie" childhood and insight on cults in Falling Out with Elgen Strait (logo design by me), San Francisco's Muni Diaries, and Cult Vault out of Liverpool, England.

Vox's Explained on Netflix

9/2019 | Explained is a docuseries that focuses on a different relevant topic per episode. I am featured in the first episode of the second season, about cults.

Talk Beliefs, IndoctriNation, Generation Cult

2018-2019 | After my appearance on A&E's Cults and Extreme Belief, several podcasts took interest in my childhood and research in the Unification Church (Moonies). This includes a series of interviews in the Talk Beliefs YouTube Channel, and podcast interviews for IndoctriNation with Rachel Bernstein and Generation Cult with Dhyana Levey.

"The Apartment Hunter's Guide to Classifieds Terminology" Comic Goes Viral

5/2013 | "Illustrator and comedian Teddy Hose makes the apartment hunting experience easier with an honest guide to classifieds lingo."


"New York vs. San Francisco" Comic Goes Viral

4/2013 | "Are America's two greatest cities really all that different? Local designer Teddy Hose recently set out to answer that question, analyzing scientific evidence that ranged from quality of produce to percentage of trust fund accounts per capita."

-The Huffington Post

McSweeney's Posts My Piece in Reviews of New Foods Section

3/2013 | A comedic review of the snack item, Goldfish Mix Up Adventures, Xtra Cheesy Pizza.